Miscommunication and how to be a better communicator.

Hey you,

So lets be honest, how many misunderstandings have you had between family or friends or maybe significant others? A lot right? Following the advice I’m about to give you will not only help you maintain relationships at home, but this advice can give you a platform to not only form relationships but help you define how far you want to take some of these relationships.

First and foremost lets talk about how to get people interested in being your friend:

Its important for any relationship that you start, to know the limits of how much you share with this person.  If its a co-worker or a classmate you might not want to start telling them your whole life story.  in order to maintain a good relationship with people you first meet I advise you do the following

  • Learn their name,
    • this step should be obvious, but making sure you remember their name after first introductions are so important. In a work setting, making sure you say hello and giving a firm handshake can go farther than you might think. in a school setting remembering someones name can easily guarantee that the other person
  • Recognize their small achievements,
    • small achievements could be anything from your new friend making an important decision at work, to whatever they had told you in your previous conversations.
  • Go the extra mile for this person
    • I usually go the extra mile for everyone I meet, doing this lets the person know that you care enough to do them small favors.  Favors like occasional rides home to maybe helping finish or revise an email, its the little things that make a huge difference.
  • Be there for them.
    • Assuming its been a couple of months and the person you were working on to be your friend has now dropped a major personal bomb on you, the most important thing in being a friend is being available for these moments.

Now that we have the friends here are some tips on being an effective communicator for all aspects of your life.

How to communicate efficiently and effectively:

Whether it is work, school, or your own interpersonal relationships after your 9-5 job.  Developing a strong open dialogue between you and the people around you pretty much cuts the drama and prevents arguements from occurring.  Here are 10 ways to be an effective communicator

  1. Honesty- Honesty is sometimes forgotten about in being an effective communicator, the most important rule is sometimes the most forgotten rule.  With anything, being clear about how your feeling or your personal opinion (when asked for it) is important for you and for the other person.
  2. Clarity-  Being concise and clear about directions, being that instant messaging and social media is now more prominent than in years prior.  Conveying what you need clearly in a message or over a phone call needs to be direct, short and sweet.
  3. Friendliness and confidence-  Confidence will allow your colleagues and friends to believe in you when you put your foot down and make any sort of decision. This confidence will help you lead conversations or let them grow or change the tonal direction of a meeting.  Which is where being friendly helps, you need to come off as approachable and genuine, a good partner or leader you have to be able to get along with people.
  4. Respect-  Make a person feel appreciated when they speak to you, giving someone the floor and no interruptions while they are speaking.  Showing respect to people when you even write a letter or email, having a well thought out letter would let the recipient know that you are serious and attentive to a task at hand.
  5. Be Tenacious with tasks-  What does a job well done look like?  Was it presented on time?  Completing tasks or reports in a timely manner in detail is so important. You don’t want to be late for any events like dinner or meetings does not make you reliable and if you were unclear about the deadline, or you know you will be late, communicate your concerns or the status of your projects to these people.
  6. Nonverbal Communication  the body language of the people around you is important, if you see someone is uncomfortable politely excuse yourself and that person away and know when its time to leave.
  7. Listening- People avoid annoying and rude speakers. Maintaining eye contact, having an open mind, do not interrupt and put your own opinions or thoughts in unless someone asked you to. Take the time to listen to the people around you.
  8. Have Empathy- having empathy and other personal skills help to keep the people around you feel closer to you.

I hope that some of these tips can help you in being a better communicator, if you have anything you want to ask feel free to shoot me an email.

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