Holiday Outfit Ideas

With Thanksgiving passed and the other holidays coming near,  its hard to decide what outfits to wear to all the gatherings and events.  We all have our own levels of comfort and personal taste so here are some ideas to think back on while shopping.


For holiday’s I think about four things

  1. Comfort
  2. Photos
  3. Sparkle
  4. Red

Lets start with Comfort, I’m not the first to say it, but i want to be comfortable all the time.  My idea of comfortable is a pair of Nike Flyknit Racers, leggings, and a Graphic T.  Everything outside of those three things has to be close to that level of comfort, or I’m not wearing it.  Make sure that the garments you choose are at least comfortable and a garment that you will wear again.

This faux suede piece is a perfect example of a comfortable garment that photographs well.  this piece from Windsor was super soft and luxurious to wear. its so easy to glitz up this piece with accessories and for the winter i love making a piece like this look expensive with furs and costume jewelry.

These soft faux suede or velvet dresses photograph well and feel so luxurious on the skin. This dress also can also tend to be really warm which is great if you get cold easily,  like myself.

I LOVE wearing or seeing red on a woman.  Red is a color of power, to me its also a color that can be worn by any hue of melanin.  Wine and red are popular during the fall and winter,  it pairs well with any sparkle that you wanna add to it or even solid black like you can see below.

sometimes less is more. Pairing my over-the-knee boots with my statement wine colored dress really elevated my look.

Other lovely colors you can think about wearing this holiday season would be jewel tones like emerald green, pearls, sapphire blues etc. these colors are so rich and look stunning on everyone.  Wanna have the wine color in your makeup?  I did a deep red statement lip and simple eye makeup.  I love to add drama to my lashes as well and this for me, or even a novice makeup lover, can take at most 10 minutes.  Mostly spending your time applying your lashes and getting the lip just right is a crucial part i nailing the look.

adding a faux fur and some accessories can really take simple basics and make your outfit look more thought out and put together.

If your clothes are comfortable they also look good on you, nothing looks prettier than comfortable.  When I shop for fabrics in stores I take out my phone and snap pictures in the store to see how they photograph.  I usually avoid most polyester fiber tops that could shed too.  Although it photographs well these fibers can get allover your bottoms or stick to chairs and to the outfits of the people you hug or take pictures with.  Fabric I usually stick to are Cotton, Nylon, Chiffon, Silks, Acrylic knits and Suede.  In the picture below I’m wearing a rhinestone top with a faux leather jacket.  This top is great to wear to events and parties that you attend, it reflects colorful lights and shines like crazy.  This top I wore was great for my night out and I definitely recommend wearing this for any family chic events (if your family is like that) or and friend holiday clubbing activities.


Take leather to edge up serious glam pieces like this rhinestone top from Missguided.


no matter what you decide this holiday just be comfortable and be yourself.  Watch out for my next post that will be a lookbook on holiday inspired outfits for this season.





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